expected population growth in Rowan County over the next 20 years.

expected population growth in Rowan County over the next 20 years.



Project Phases

Phase 1: Establishing a Roadmap. Conduct a kick-off meeting to consult with local leaders to determine plan direction and form the project’s steering committee.

Phase 2: Community Assessment & Analysis. Conduct a robust analysis based on stakeholder focus groups and interviews, a public survey, focus area assessments, and a summary SWOT analysis of the region.

Phase 3: Plan Framework & Draft Goals. Develop draft plan goals and obtain public feedback through the steering committee and a public workshop.

Phase 4: Strategy Development. Develop plan strategy according to national best practices and public feedback.  Develop focus area and implementation action plans.

Phase 5: Activating the Strategy. Conduct a final public meeting and finalize the plan accordingly.

Steering Committee & Focus Groups

The Moving Forward steering committee and focus groups were established to help guide plan preparation.  The Committee will receive technical and administrative assistance from County and City staff and the planning consultant team.  Focus groups will serve to provide plan insight from key stakeholder groups.

The Committee is comprised of representatives from across the County and serves to:

  • Share unique knowledge of the Rowan-Morehead area and help cast a vision for its future;
  • Provide insight to help shape guidelines for growth and development;
  • Develop new ideas and share concerns with other committee members and staff; and
  • Connect with friends, neighbors, and business associates to inform and encourage others to provide plan input.


Jason Slone

Project Manager

Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce

Bob Helton

Economy & Infrastructure

Morehead-Rowan County Economic Development

John Ernst

Education & Workforce

Morehead State University

Marvin Moore

Education & Workforce

Rowan County Schools

Russ Ward

Education & Workforce

Maysville Community & Technical College – Rowan Campus

Joy Brown

Livability & Recreation

Morehead Rowan County Tourism

Tyler Brown

Environmental Sustainability

Rowan County Solid Wast/Flood Plain Mitigation

Dr. William Melahn

Health, Wellness, & Safety

St. Claire Regional Medical Center

Wes Holland

Member at Large

City of Morehead Appointment

Bill Redwine

Member at Large

City of Morehead Appointment